Dai Heka - Boutique - Guest House - Strand South Africa


Sept 2003: Deon & Liana Jordaan bought the noisy Pêreltjie Nursery School.

Jan  2004: They themselves demolished the first walls to convert the property into a Guest House

Originating from Potchefstroom in NW and Springbok in NC (Boesmanland) the couple’s very different ideas resulted in a combination of construction and décor themes, still evident in the establishment.

Their initial idea to create a unique and different guest house had to flow through every aspect from the branding to the entrance gates. Late night hours they were still sweating and toiling to leave their own mark. From buffing original Oregon pine floors to gathering reeds for the ceilings to welding burglar bars to the making of “Dai-Heka”

Endless enquiries, quotations and consultations later they realized they would have to make the huge steel framed gates themselves. A daunting task, many late nights and couple of accidental burns later they finally designed and assembled the 3 gates.

Every friend knew how much time and energy went into the construction of these enormous gates, which was suppose to be the first to be ready, seeing it initiated the décor theme of the guest house.
Conversations later on started with “When are those gates finished”  - “wanneer kom dai hekke” meaning that when the gates are up the guest house is ready for opening.
They started calling the guest house “Die Hekke” but it ended up being called “Dai Heka” deriving from the Boesmanland (Springbok) slang-dialect.

1st  SEPTEMBER 2004:
Dai Heka (those gates) opened to welcome a Honeymoon Couple from Welkom.
15 September in a hype of activity the first bride dressed and stayed over with her family.

September 2005:
SA Grading Council awarded a 3 STAR rating to this still very new establishment.

2 October 2007:
Dai Heka was registered into its current holding company under ownership of Keith Jordaan.
The new management team undertook to keep improving and opening “Dai Heka” to visitors
and guests.

December 2007:
Saw Dai Heka again reaching for the stars…and awarded the prestigeous 4 STAR grading by the SA Tourism Grading Council.

September 2013:
Completely oblivious of the SouthAfrica.TO travel online Company’s 55000 surveyes to their subscribers we received this email at 22h00…..

“Voted SA’s Favourite Guest House - AND - Western Cape’s BEST Guest House
 2013 is…..Dai Heka in Strand”

Undoubtedly Dai Heka’s continued success in honor of the team’s love and unconditional dedication towards creating an extraordinary establishment.